How to Rent & manage my property privately without an agent in ACT

1. Have a good clean and repair the broken things in the property, check the smoke alarm

Make your property presentable and meet the minimum living standard and ensure smoke alarm is in working condition by a licensed qualified tradesman

2. Take some nice photos

Online Presentation is the key as people are more likely to click into a listing with nice photos

3. Create an account with us to advertise your property on etc

As more than 95% of prospective tenants are searching their properties online especially on etc; We provide the same marketing tools as real estate agents to help you adverting your property online without an agent. You can create an account for free to create your listing first and you only need to make a payment, once you want your listing go live. You can login back to your account to make any changes 24/7 as you take total control of your listing editing.

4. Receiving property enquires and showing the property

You will receive enquires for your property and just organise a time either by private inspection or open house to show to prospective tenants

6. Viewing & Approving the application, asking holding deposit/rent in advance

Main application checklist

  • Photo ID (Driver's license or passport)
  • Most rencet 3 payslip or most recent 3 bankstatements
  • A rental ledger if they have
  • Previous ultility bill
  • Copy of rate notice if they own a property as well
  • Copy of COE if they are student

You can conduct a rental reference check with tenant's landlord/agent/employer, please make sure you have tenant's written consent for this information disclosure

You can also conduct a tenant reference database check to see if the tenant had been blacklist in the national database; Finally you want a tenant who can pay the rent on time and take of the property with a clean good history as that will make everyone's life easier

You can approve the application with a formal email including the start date, duration and the rent of the lease You can ask tenant to pay one week holding deposit after approving the application; this one week holding deposit can act as 1 week of future rent as well You cannot ask tenants to pay you no more than 2 weeks of rent in advance in ACT

7. Lodge the bond

You must lodge the bond to ACT Revenue Office.

8. Lease agreement and provide nessary paperwork

Sign a lease agreement with tenant, give one signed copy to tenatn as well

Please provide tenant information sheet

See full copy of ACT Lease Agreement

Please provide a strata by-law if your property is in a strata complex

9. Condition report

2 copies of (1 electronic copy) of condition report must issue to the tenants, tenant need to complete the ingoing report within 7 days

See a copy of ACT Condition Report

We have an online platform with technology to help you to self manage your property digitally with the features below, Click here for more information about advertise your property privately, Click here for more information about self manage your property online

  • Advertise your property on the major portals such as etc
  • Create and manage your listing 24/7 from your own account dashboard
  • Receive online enquires with automated responder
  • View online rental application with a few clicks of button to conduct rental/emploeyment refererence with preivous agent/landlord/employer
  • Run online national tenancy database Check
  • Conduct digital ingoing, routine and outgoing inspection
  • Record rent payment and expense
  • Automated generated rental receipt
  • financial statements including monthly statement, EOFY report for your account
  • Schedule repairs & maintenance